Why Digital Gravity


  • We have dedicated talent pools of digital professionals available at the £50k-200k salary range
  • We understand the latest developments, challenges and intricacies in the digital market
  • We use the latest technology and social sourcing tools to find and connect with the best digital talent
  • Using our own digital marketing efforts and techniques, we work hard to find and engage with top digital talent who can often be passive in their search–but open to the right opportunities.


  • All our consultants are experienced, highly trained, and understand what to look for in terms of accessing digital candidates, including technical and soft skills
  • Being a specialist recruitment business allows us to build deep networks, giving us greater understanding and immediate talent insight
  • We meet all the candidates we represent in person, supported by online or technology-led interviews dependent on location.

Our people

  • We employ the best people, because we know a business is only as good as the people working in it
  • We have fun and always try to do the right thing for all of our customers
  • As niche recruiters, our consultants already know who the best people are
  • Service delivery is at the heart of everything we do, so our people work hard to make sure you are always satisfied.

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