Meet the Experts… with Jennie Child: DEI Specialist

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Earlier this month, we were joined by Jennie Child, Founder of Balance and Co-Founder of Inclusive Recruitment Foundations to explore a host of key topics around diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) and their impact on hiring processes as part of our new discussion series.

DEI is a much talked about subject and it sits high up on the agendas of businesses globally. Yet many scale-up and technology businesses continue to fall short when it comes to creating recruitment processes that level the playing field for all and open up the widest possible talent pool to them.

Throughout the discussion, Jennie highlights a number of ways businesses are going wrong in her experience and several straightforward and actionable tips they can start to implement to improve the way they engage with and hire talent.

If you’re in scale-up mode or you’re on a journey to build you tech business, this is definitely worth taking the time to watch.

Alongside the full discussion, we’ve broken the conversation down into 5 key takeaways (below) for those short on time…


Full Video


1. Three Top Tips to Implement


2. Making our Recruitment Processes Neuroinclusive


3. Removing Age Bias from the Process


4. Improving the Quality and Relevance of the Questions Asked at Interview Stage


5. Dropping Salary and Other Information from the Process to Reduce Bias


There’s wealth of useful information and resource on Jennie’s websites that’s well worth checking out if you’re hoping to improve the way you recruit into your teams:

Stay tuned for the next part in our series which will be out very soon.