Employee health and wellbeing – are companies doing enough?

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Mental health and wellbeing have been a growing concern for many employees and employers over the past few years and the challenges it presents are no exception for the professionals working within the digital market.

Stress was one of the biggest contributors to a rise in workplace absences in the past 12 months, with two-thirds (76%) of respondents to a 2023 CIPD survey reporting they’d taken time off due to stress.

In fact, the report found that staff were absent from work for an average of 7.8 days over the past year, up from 5.8 days in 2019, before the pandemic and the highest since 2010.

One of the key factors impacting stress levels and the risk of burning out, stems from many being asked to take on more responsibilities due to the increased pressures placed on their teams.

Using marketers as an example, 40% are being asked to take on more work without the appropriate support in terms of additional headcount, or an increase in pay, due to tighter budgets and hiring challenges.

Whether it’s adding media relations, tech updates or recruitment responsibilities to their workloads, or absorbing other ‘digital’ functions in addition to running their teams, marketers at all levels have been feeling the strain.

So, what are companies doing to support their staff when it comes to their mental health and wellbeing?

While reports suggest that some workplaces are taking an organisational approach to mental health support and finding ways to identify and reduce stress, the results from our Digital Gravity Market & Salary Report 2024 paint a slightly different picture.

When asked what measures their company had implemented to support and improve the mental health of its staff, 42% of respondents indicated that ‘nothing had been done’.

A further 38% told us that if their company had brought in measures to safeguard their mental health, they weren’t aware of it.

This result highlighting a missed opportunity for these companies that are working hard to improve how they handle their team’s mental health and wellbeing to communicate openly and be transparent about the support that is available.

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